1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon

Hi, I'm Zola from Hungary, Europe. This site is dedicated to my car, a 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon and the forgotten Cutlass years of 1973-77.

This is where the whole story had begun. Budapest, April 12, 1998. The spring meet of the American Car Club Hungary. This was the day I first saw THE OLDS. It was love at first sight. The car was not for sale, and at that time I couldn't afford a V8 as a daily driver. But I went deep into the local USA car life. This was the time when my USA car webzine, the V8 Magazine was born. I saw the car regulary, took numerous photos of it and soon realized that this was the only 1975 Cutlass in the whole country!

August 21, 1999. Oh boy! The Olds was for sale! and as a student I still didn't have the money to drive a V8. It was pure hell for me, but surprisingly the car did not sell. (Notice that the car was advertised as a 1974 Cutlass)

A half year later I've called the owner of the Cutlass if he still has the beauty. He had. But not for long, on March 12, 2000. I've purchased the Olds!

I used the car as a daily-driver without any problems for almost 2 years. I visited every single USA car meeting in Hungary. Click on the pic to the left to see more photos of my Cutlass.