1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon

The 1973-75 are often called as the Forgotten Years. This Cutlass generation is not so antiqe and not of great value to restore, but defenitely these vehicles will be the next. On the other hand these are old cars for the aftermarket industry. So it's hard to find parts, and it's much harder here in Europe.

73-77 Factory Photos

73-77 Advertisements !UPDATED!

73-75 Cutlass Part Sheets

73-76 Cutlass Prices and Production Figures

1975 Cutlass Dimensions !NEW!

1975 Cutlass Equipment

1975 Oldsmobile Exterior Color Chart

1975 Cutlass Rear Axle Ratio Usage !NEW!

1975 Oldsmobile Color Codes and Recommended Combinations !NEW!

1974-77 Oldsmobile Cutlass Special Marketing Edition Y76 - Compiled By R. Ross !UPDATED!

1973-77 Oldsmobile VIN Decoder