1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon

1973-77 Cutlass adverisments. Click on the thumbnails to see the fullscreen ad.

Long Distance Seats

Cutlass Salon Built in the Grand Touring tradition.
Thanks to: W. Grimes

Grand Touring Coupe

The Grand Touring touches found in this sedan can now be found in this coupe.
Thanks to: W. Grimes

Six sporty extras

Buy three extras and get three at no extra charge.
Published: March, 1975

The Lion is in the Streets!

Special Y76 Package advertisement for Long Island.
Published: March, 1975
Thanks to: R. Ross

Would look great at any price

Cutlass Supreme style and beauty for $4048.
Published: 1975

Beneath all its little limousine touches

New ways to help stretch a gallon of gas.
Published: 1975

Sporty fun cars

Olds Cutlass 442. Yeah - They built one for me.
Published: November, 1976