1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon

F37 Colonnade Hardtop Coupe $3755.80
Colonnade Hardtop Sedan $3830.80


Armrests, Deluxe Front and Rear
Ashtrays, Front and Rear
Brakes, Front Disc and Rear Drum
Cigar Lighter, Instrument Panel
Electronic Ignition System,
High Energy
Engine, 250 CID L6 1-bbl.
Floor Carpeting, Wall-to-Wall Cut-Pile with Carpeted Door Lower Panels (Sedan)
Floor Covering, Color-Keyed Heavy-Duty Vinyl Coated Rubber (Coupe)
Frame, Torque-Beam
Hood Release, Interior 0perated
lmpact Strips, Front and Rear Bumper
Instrument Panel Trim, French-Walnut Grained
Lamp, Dome
Lamp Switches, Automatic Front Door Interior
Moldings, Bright Rocker Panel and Wheel-Opening (Sedan)
Moldings, Bright Roof Drip
Seat, Conventional Bench Front
Seat Head Restraints, Dual Front
Seat Belts, Front and Rear
Steering, Vari-Ratio Power
Steering Wheel, Deluxe
Tires, FR78-15" GM specs Blackwall, Steel Belted Radial-Ply
Transmission, Full Synchronised Manual
Ventillation, Flo-Thru
Wheels, 15 x 6"
Wheels Hubcaps, Chrome
Windshield Wipers, Recessed Park



A01 Windows, Soft-Ray Tinted. Includes Windshield $48.00
A31 Windows, Power Side:
A90 Trunk Lid Release, Power $16.00
AD3 Vista Vent Roof Ventilator (Coupe) $99.00
AK1 Seat Belts, Deluxe Front and Rear $14.00
AU3 Door Locks, Power - For all doors:
B30 Floor Carpeting, Nylon Cut-Pile (Coupe) $22.00
B32 Floor Mats, Auxiliary Front $7.50
B33 Floor Mats, Auxiliary Rear $7.50
B36 Luggage Compartment Mat $9.00
B84 Moldings, Protective Side and Fender (N.A. with W29) $42.00
B93 Moldings, Bright Door-Edge Guard:
C08 Roof Covering, Full Vinyl $103.00
C49 Window Defogger, Electric Rear $73.00
C60 Air Conditioner, Four-Season - Includes heavy-duty radiator. JL2 required. $453.00
C65 Air Conditioner, Tempmatic, includes heavy-duty radiator. JL2 required. $490.00
C95 Lamps, Combination Dome and Reading $14.00
CD4 Windshield Wiper System, Pulse $26.00
D24 Litter Container $5.00
D33 Mirror, Remote-Control Outside Rearview, Driver Side $13.00
D35 Mirrors, Sports Styled Outside Rearview - Includes driver side mirror with remote control and passenger side mirror. Color-matched to body color $25.00
D64 Illuminated Visor Vanity Mirror $37.00
D99 Finish, Two-Tone Magic-Mirror $38.00
G80 Axle, Anti-Spin Rear $49.00
JL2 Brakes, Power with Front Disc. Required with C60, C65, K30 or L74 $55.00
K05 Heater, Engine Block $11.00
K30 Cruise Control, Automatic - JL2, M38 or M40 required. (N.A. with 6-Cyl.) $69.00
LV8 Engine, 260 V-8, 2-bbl. $78.00
L34 Engine, 350 V-8, 4-bbl. - M38 required $180.00
L74 Engine, 455 V-8, 4-bbl. - JL2, M40, QCV or QEL Tires required. $298.00
M38 Transmission, Turbo Hydra-matic. (N.A. with L74) $237.00
M40 Transmission, Turbo Hydra-matic. Available only with L74. $259.00
N05 Locking Fuel Cap $6.00
N33 Steering Wheel, Tilt-Away, M38 or M40 required $49.00
N34 Steering Wheel, Custom-Sport $33.00
N65 Spare Tire, Collapsible (N.A. with L74 or QCV) N/C
N71 Wheels, Super Stock II - painted gray. (N.A. with F41 or N95)
With N65
Without N65
N72 Wheels, Super Stock II - Color-matched to lower body paint. (N.A. with F41 or N95)
With N65
Without N65
N95 Wheel Discs, Simulated Wire $106.00
PA1 Wheel Disc, Chrome (N.A. with N71 or N72) $30.00
QBW Tires, FR78-15" GM Specs Steel-Belted Radial-Ply White-Stripe. L22 and LV8 or L34, except C60 or C65. (N.A. with FE2)
With N65
Without N65
QCV Tires, HR70-15" GM Specs Steel-Belted Radial-Ply Raised White Letters (Coupe) N.A. with N65 $145.00
QDR Tires, GR78-15" GM Specs White-Stripe, Steel-Belted Radial-Ply (N.A. with L22 or L74)
With N65
Without N65
QEL Tires, HR78-15" GM Specs White-Stipe Steel-Belted Radial-Ply. Required and available only with L74, unless QCV is ordered N.A. with N65 $38.00
T63 Reminder, Headlamp-On $6.00
U21 Gauges, Instrument Panel - Includes Fuel, Temperature and Oil Gauges, and Generator and Brake Telltales. M38 or M40 required. (N.A. with UR1 or 6-Cyl.) $33.00
U35 Clock, Electric $19.00
U58 Radio, AM-FM Stereo Pushbutton - Includes 2 rear speakers $233.00
U63 Radio, Deluxe AM Pushbutton $73.00
U69 Radio, AM-FM Monaural Pushbutton $135.00
U80 Radio Speaker, Rear Seat (N.A. with U58, UM1 or UM2) $19.00
UM1 Radio, AM Pushbutton with Stereo Tape Player - Includes 2 rear speakers $203.00
UM2 Radio, AM-FM Stereo Pushbutton with Stereo Tape Player - Includes 2 rear speakers $363.00
UR1 Fuel Economy Meter. (N.A. with L-6 engine or U21) $24.00
VG4 Bumper Filler Protector, Front and Rear. (Required and available only on cars sold in California, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia) $5.00
VJ9 California Emission Test. (Required and available only for California Cars) $45.00
W29 4-4-2 Appearance and Handling Package. Includes front fender and deck lid numerals; 4-4-2 radiator grille, black hood louvers, wheel opening decal stripes; plus FE2 and Y74. Available with any engine. (N.A. with B84, Y70) (Coupe only) $128.00
Y60 Convenience Group, Lamps and Mirror. Includes visor vanity mirror; trunk, underhood, glove box, courtesy and map lamps; rear door automatic interior lamp switches on Sedan.
With D64:
Without D64:

Y70 Paint-Stripe Decal - over wheel-opening molding. (N.A. with W29) (Coupe) $22.00
Y71 Indicators, Outside Temperature $18.00
Y74 Moldings, Bright Rocker Panel and Wheel-Opening. Included with W29 (Coupe only) $32.00



F41 Suspension System, Front and Rear Heavy-Duty Use - For strenuous service-trailer towing, continuous heavy trunk loads, and when most driving is on secondary or rural roads. Includes heavy-duty front and rear springs, larger front stabilizer bar, and front and rear shock absorbers. G66 shock absorbers available. N97 heavy-duty wheels required $22.00
FE2 Suspension Package, Rallye - Includes higher rate front and rear springs, heavy-duty shock absorbers, larger front and rear stabilizer bar, 15x7" wheels. (N.A. with FG2 or F41) (Coupe)
With N71, N72, N95, N97 and QCV
FG2 Shock Absorbers, Firm Ride Front and Rear Control - For secondary or rural roads. Included in FE2. (N.A. with F41 or G66) $5.00
G66 Shock Absorbers, Superlift Rear - For light trailer towing - N.A. with FG2. N97 required unless N70 or N72 is ordered $43.00
N97 Wheels, heavy-duty - Required for trailer towing unless N71 or N72 is ordered. Required with F41. Required with G66, U89 or U94 unless N71 or N72 is ordered. Without N65. $11.00
U89 Wiring Harness, Trailer Electrical, Light-weight - 5 Wire. N97 required unless N71 or N72 is ordered $15.00
U94 Wiring Harness, Trailer Electrical Medium or Heavyweight - 7 Wire. N97 required unless N71 or N72 is ordered $25.00
Y72 Engine Cooling Equipment, Heavy-Duty. Includes heavy-duty radiator (with increased capacity transmission oil cooler), water pump, Thermo-Cool engine fan, and Delcotron:
With C60, C65
Without C60, C65



Available only with White Trim Number 17. If Option Trim Appointment is not ordered, Appointments will be Black.
TA2 Compaticolor Interior, Green (N.A. on F37)
TA3 Compaticolor Interior, Blue (N.A. on F37)
TA5 Compaticolor Interior, Cranberry
TA9 Compaticolor Interior, Saddle



Engine CID Carb. Transmission Rear Axle
L22 (Std.) 250 L-6 1-bbl. 3-Speed Manual
Turbo Hydra-matic
LV8 260 V-8 2-bbl. 3-Speed Manual
Turbo Hydra-matic
L34 350 V-8 4-bbl. Turbo Hydra-matic 2.56
L74 455 V-8 4-bbl. Turbo Hydra-matic 2.56

*3.08 in California. 250 L-6 Not available in California.